I'm Nicole, a passionate storyteller.

I create compelling copy and stories that sell based on observation, interviews, and data. I'm native in English and German and have basic proficiency in Swedish. I've worked with amazing clients such as Hyper Island, Instantor, iZettle and &frankly. I've helped them with their strategy and content development for CRM, UX/UI, product, ads and to achieve Thought Leadership.
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Stories and Strategies
I believe that by telling the right story, you can change what people think. As a kid, I was obsessed with finding the lost ark (thanks, Indiana). Now I know I've always had it. By crafting relevant narratives, you can influence, make-believe, attract, and sell.

I'll show you how.
This is what I'm really good at.
Content Creation
Brand Design
Marketing Campaigns
Community Management
Giving workshops on any of the above
This is why I'm good at it.
I'm native in English (US) and German. I can also chat in Swedish.
I'm passionate about words in every sense. I spend my free time writing poetry, crafting articles, or reading.
I have over 10 years of experience writing professionally and 5 years of experience in marketing.
I have a Master of Science in Marketing, a BA in Business, and a pre-diploma in Engineering. I also took courses at Hyper Island.
I have strong leadership skills and believe in a healthy feedback culture.
I'm unafraid and love to disrupt. I won't be shy with ideas - we'll create something awesome together.
I'm proud of this.
Digital Marketer at Hyper Island — Content Strategy & Creation, Email Campaigns, Paid Ads, Website Copy.
Head of Content at Astrid.ai — Website Copy, Product Flows, Content Strategy & Creation.
CMO at Referanza — Marketing Strategy, Website Copy, Email Campaigns, Product Comms, Paid Ads, Content Strategy & Creation.
Digital Marketer at Magine TV — Email Campaigns, Product Comms, UX Copy.
I've worked with more amazing clients. Access a brief overview of some of my other work here.
I live in Stockholm and collaborate with people and companies all over the world.
Phone: +46 (0) 707193549
E-mail: nicoletellsit@gmail.com
Org. Nr.: 559174-7935

Nicoletells AB

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