Hyper Island
At Hyper Island, I worked full-time as a Digital Marketer with content focus for 1,5 years.
My focus at Hyper Island was to attract students to long-term programs. I conducted market research to ensure target audience needs were met with the offering and advertising. I developed a content strategy that was focused on engagement and a sense of community. I created an average of two articles a week, often based on interviews with students or collaborators. I was also responsible for email communication, paid media and ads, as well as website copy.

Hyper Island is the leading school for digital business and design and has hubs in Stockholm, New York City, Singapore, Manchester, and Sao Paulo.
Featured projects
I focused on marketing and content at Hyper Island.
Advertising and Campaigns
I was responsible for ads on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. I also lead and executed communication along the entire leads funnel via email.
Premium Blog Content
The view of images in the critical perspective is when the viewers criticise the images.
I live in Stockholm and cooperate with people and companies all over the world.
Phone: +46 (0) 707193549
E-mail: hi@nicoletells.com
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