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Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm passionate about sleeping. In fact, I have over 28 years of experience. I've read the research, I've done my fair share of prototyping. And now it's your turn: get inspired to sleep better.
My involvement in the field of sleep came in two steps. First, a couple of years ago when I started my own company and was suddenly confronted with the entrepreneur way of sleeping.

Spoiler: it sucks.

Secondly, when I started working for a client named Sleep Cycle and started researching sleep for real. That's when I got stuck. Ever since, I've used myself as a science lab to test different sleep theories and I'm staying on top of research to ensure I can create novel content. I've talked to sleep researchers and witnessed sleep experiments first-hand. But the thing is: we actually still don't know a whole lot about sleep — and the things we do know are often wrong.

That's what I want to change.
Sleep talks for the woke
Sleep from A to Z
What do we know about sleep and why? How does sleep research work? What studies are there?
Debunking False Facts
A lot of the things said about sleep in the public eye are false. Let's find out the truth.
Your Sleep Profile
How do you sleep? Reflect on your own circadian rhythm and when you feel rested to set the foundartion for better sleep.
Prioritising Sleep
Each day has 24 h, but many of us never prioritise sleep. It's fed the scraps of our day. How do you make space for sleep?
Why Sleep Better?
The research behind sleep. Why is it so important and how does it harm us if we don't get enough?
Tools to Improve Sleep
Sleep better by testing some of these tools.
Sleep is the greatest legal performance enhancing drug that most people are probably neglecting.
Neuroscientist Dr. Matthew Walker
How I sleep my way to success
I write about more than just sleep. You can find all my articles here or get a quick digest of how I sleep my way to success below.
Let's talk about sleep.
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